Scheduled Classes 2022-2023




03/11/2022 The world as technonature and the modern man. The testimony of an orthodox view of bioethics Stavros Giagazoglou
10/11/2022 Health as a fundamental spiritual transfer Fr. Nikolaos Loudovikos
17/11/2022 Transplantations: Bringing to the human the gift of God Andreas Tzakis
24/11/2022 The practice of medicine in the era of the “universal religion” of the social media Konstantinos Syrigos
01/12/2022 Pioneers of the holistic view of the patient Albert Schweitzer and his role model Georgios Papageorgiou
08/12/2022 Facing life and death: the example of pancreatic cancer Gregory Tsiotos
15/12/2022 “Named and/or anonymous donor of genetic material: legal issues-ethical dilemmas” Athanasios Papageorgakis
12/01/2023 Dimensions of Spirituality in Health Care Fr. Stavros Kofinas
19/01/2023 “Rabbi, who sinned … so he was born blind?” Main points of the teaching of the church on the relationship between sin and disease Konstantinos Kornarakis
26/01/2023 Death: The end or the beginning Dimitrios Mavropoulos
02/02/2023 Historical and Empirical Reflections on Spirituality and Illness Tracy Ann Balboni
09/02/2023 Meeting of science and faith with two leading physicians: Friedrich-Josef Haass – Francis Collins Fr. Varnavas Lampropoulos
16/02/2023 Religion, Spirituality and Health: Research and Clinical Applications Harold Koenig
23/02/2023 The blessing of ears in the sacrament of baptism and its healing significance Fr. Vassilios Bebis
02/03/2023 Spirituality and Health: What is the Physician’s Role? John R. Peteet
09/03/2023 Six billion questions Stylianos Antonarakis
16/03/2023 Spiritual and physical health: Interactions and confratations Evaggelos Protopapadakis
23/03/2023 The world is not our yard. The African anthropology and perception of health and cure. Athanasios Papathanasiou
30/03/2023 The Significance of Religious Pluralism, Religious Literacy, and Health Care Elizabeth Prodromou
06/04/2023 Building healthy communities through medical religious partnerships Panagis Galiatsatos
27/04/2023 The contribution of spiritual life and spiritual support on health restoration and his overall therapy Fr. Ioannis Kokakis
04/05/2023 New Technologies and Their Impact on Health Care Gayle Woloschak
11/05/2023 The U.S. Clergy Study on End-of-Life Care Michael Balboni
18/05/2023 Spirituality in surgery Nikolaos Arkadopoulos
25/05/2023 The use of medical terminology and the therapeutic nature of salvation in the texts of the fathers of the church Chrisostomos Stamoulis
01/06/2023 Radical Life Extension from an Orthodox perspective Fr. Perry Hamalis
08/06/2023 Could the texts of the New Testament teach us the ecologic ethos? Ekaterini Tsalampouni
15/06/2023 The interaction between serotonin and ocytocin in the human body and its significance I the orthodox spiritual life Christos Karakolis
22/06/2023 The relationship with God and the health of the whole man Fr. Dimitrios Bathrellos
29/06/2023 Watchfulness in the Age of Distraction Bishop Maxim Vasiljevic