Scheduled Classes 2021-2022




04/11/2021 Religion and health in the perspective of the ecclesiastical experience Christos Yannaras
18/11/2021 Mental Health and Religion: Multilevel correlations f. Vassilios Thermos
25/11/2021 The byzantine icon as vision for spiritual fulfillment and health f. Stamatios Skliris
02/12/2021 Spirituality and Religion in Medicine: What is the Physician’s Role? John R. Peteet
09/12/2021 The miracle as discrete intervention of God and fruit of trust Georges Papageorgiou
13/01/2022 The contribution of Saint Irenaeus in the Orthodox understanding of spiritual health f. Vassilios Bebis
20/01/2022 The contribution of Christianity to overcome the stigma: the case of leprosy Marianna Karamanou
27/01/2022 Medicine for the greater good Panagis Galiatsatos
10/02/2022 The challenge of theology: the genome and its evolution Stylianos Antonarakis
24/02/2022 Theological issues on caring for the sick Michael Balboni
10/03/2022 Islam, Health, & Muslim Healthcare Aasim Padela
17/03/2022 Postgraduate programs in Bioethics Athanasios Papageorgakis
24/03/2022 The biology of the soul f. Filotas Talidis
31/03/2022 Faith and experience Stavros Zoumpoulakis
07/04/2022 The role of spirituality in the experience of illness Tracy Ann Balboni
14/04/2022 Re-enchantment of the world Athanasios Papathanasiou
05/05/2022 Religion, Spirituality and Health: Research and Clinical Applications Harold Koening
12/05/2022 The Orthodox Church for the human health Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos
19/05/2022 Buddhist Spirituality and Medicine Wall Robert
02/06/2022 Perspectives from a Jewish physician Marta Herschkopf
16/06/2022 The “spiritual history” of the patient and its significance in the everyday clinical practice and therapeutic management of chronic diseases Archbishop John Kokkakis
30/06/2022 Medicine as eucharist Metropolitan John Zizioulas